.: somniferous observatory (>2012)
photography series, sizes 300x450mm-700x900mm / on-site laboratory installation    

A series of photographs based on experiments to grow a species of slime mold inside glass flasks of 100-1000ml, observing the self-organisation and pattern formation of physarum polycephalum under the influence of psychoactive and somniferous substances.

The pictures document the morphology of physarum polycephalum inside 3-dimensional environments. It is dealing with questions of life, consciousness and control by using a simple organism in DIY laboratory setups.

The underlaying question was if substances with sleep inducing effect on humans have a visible and measurable influence on the formation and communication process of this very simple organism - or if it is just random (not connected).

These experiments are a creative re-enactment of the scientific experiment with by zoologist Hans Peters and pharmacologist Peter Witt from 1948. In search for an organism to test the influence of drugs on the nervous system, they fed drugs to spiders and compared the created webs.

Substances tested (so far):
#1 physarum polycephalum and oat flakes
#2 physarum polycephalum growing under red light
#3 physarum polycephalum and saccharose
#4 physarum polycephalum and tobacco
#5 physarum polycephalum and cannabis
#6 physarum polycephalum and St. Johns wort
#7 physarum polycephalum and sertraline hydrochloride
#8 physarum polycephalum and valerian

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